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Diane Machin

Brilliant! And lovely guys too! Keep up the great work Jimmy and Tony! Good to see you have a web site too! xx Di

thanks will do

to fan have a look on the gig list they play the cavern everyday!

where the next gig

You are fantastic. Saw you two times at the Cavern last week. Was on holiday in Liverpool. I definitively want to see and listen to you again soon.
Bob Cash

My wife and I got to take a vacation to England and Scotland (we are from the United States)and of course we had to stop in Liverpool to see the old stomping grounds of the Beatles.On a tour our last stop was the caveren and we got to see you guys perform. I was amazed that with just a bass and a guitar and your harmonizing that you sounded so full and so close to sounding exactly like the Beatles. It capped off our day to have a pint and listen to you guys. I've been telling all of my Beatle loving buddies how great you guys were.
Jeanne Boisseau

Fantastic show!!! Just returned home and telling all our friends about the great time we had with you at the Cavern 2 nights in a row.Amazing tribute - best ever! Thank you - playing the cd right now and thinking maybe we should just go back to Liverpool........
Sharon & Barbara

Was in Liverpool in May, visited the cavern,big Beatles fans, fantastic each time we were in. In my life and Blackbird were amazing!all of it was. we'll be back.

Shut your eyes and you would think it was Lennon and McCartney on stage, Only sleeping amazing !
nowhere girl

saw you a the cavern 14th april brill band hide your love away was fantastic
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